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67 Poems - Message of Love  by  DENTHEPEN

67 Poems - Message of Love by DENTHEPEN
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For decades, readers from around the world of all ages, cultures, and religions have been touched in thought, heart, and soul by poet Den the Pen. According to Den, “This is poetry for everyone of every faith and for those of no faith at all.”This book of ‘new and used’ poems has been handpicked by the poet and represents his sixth poetic journey addressing Love in all of its forms: Affection, Romance, Family, Friends and at the top of the hierarchy, the Divine- what Den calls, a Love Supreme.This is not sugary-sweet verse, but poetry that reveals spiritual insights about Love and the human spirit told in down-to-earth terms.

It easily dips into and out of common-talk ‘street’ poetry and high-minded heavenly verse.The Independent Bookreader once said of Den’s poetry, “He writes hauntingly and viscerally about love.” There are no homogenized platitudes here, but ‘real’ meanings and tales about love lost, love won, and hearts that soar to God.A Christian, a romantic, a student of the 17th Century Metaphysical poets like Donne, Marvel, George Herbert, and Henry Vaughn, Den’s early influences of C.S.

Lewis, e.e. Cummings, and John Steinbeck surface throughout his poems as he puts ‘everything on the table’ and meets love face-to-face with lyrical precision and abundant passion.This collection affirms the power of love in every life and is a treasury filled with comedy, tragedy, and thrilling revelations that will charm, jar, and ignite the readers’ imagination.Roger Asselineau, the great Walt Whitman scholar and Den’s poetic mentor once said of Den’s poetry… “These poems belong to the transcendentalist constant that is essential to American literature.” And so they do …For 17 years Den has hosted the 185 page denthepen.com web site.

This new ‘Message of Love’ collection contains 67 poems in its 95 total pages and also features a page of epigrams, some notes from the soul, a short tribute to Anne Askew, a profound poet of the 16th century and there is a conversation with God at the end.

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