Old Touraine Theodore Andrea Gooh

ISBN: 9781406741841

Published: March 15th 2007


372 pages


Old Touraine  by  Theodore Andrea Gooh

Old Touraine by Theodore Andrea Gooh
March 15th 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 372 pages | ISBN: 9781406741841 | 7.34 Mb

ife and St of ike cramotiA okatedux o o f c c f v v ance Somttimt Scholar of Wadbam CoUtgt, Oxford VOL. y. UATPI AIAASTPA ace Pour Tinstruction dc IUnivers Sedentaire. XAVIER DE MAISTRE. THE chapters which follow have been arranged on the only plan by which it seemed logically possible to sketch the great amount of history with which they have to deal it may be as well to point out the way in which they are meant to be of use.

Each castle in the valley of the Loire has a history of its own, sometimes going as far back as Koman times, sometimes reaching forward to the present day but in each castle there is also some particular event, some especial visitor, whose im portance overshadows every memory connected with the place it therefore became possible to ar range these moments chronologically, and thus gradually to unwind a more or less connected thread of history from the rise of the Angevin Plantageuets where Chinon guards the bridge of the Vienne to the last days of the Valois in the Chateau of Blois.

In some cases the story has been l 2 Jatefact carried on by chapters on the more important per sonages, such as the earlier Dukes of Orleans or Marguerite de Valois, but anything approaching to thorough treatment of so long a period in one book was impossible. This arrangement of the mass of details which had to be in some way dealt with, seemed to recommend itself both from its utility to the traveller in the valley of the Loire, and from its clearness in the presentment of a cer tain side of French history to that large portion of the cultivated universe which, like M.

de Maistre, is wont to do its travelling at home. Could any spot of earth Show to his eye an image of the pangs Which it hath witnessed, render hack an echo Of the sad steps hy which it hath been trod. . . . Characters will perhaps gain in reality for the reader, scenes maybe imagined with a greater vivid ness, when described in their actual setting. The stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it. The materials used have been first and foremost the rich mine of original authorities published in the Documents Incdits, the collection of Menwircs by Petitot, and the smaller transcripts by Zeller from the Memoirs and Letters of the time, which arc in a more portable form and of distinct value.

Among more modern authorities I have referred to the Histories of Michelet and of Martin, and the Analyse Kaisonnce of Chateaubriand for Chapter II. to K. Norgatcs Angwin Kings for episodes at Chinon and at Blois to Yriartes C csar Hvrgia and the Stan hope Kssay for 1891 to i r n ientilhomine ties temps passes and I rano is by C. Coignet and to The End of the Middle Ages and Marguerite of Xararre by Madame James Darmesteter, to whose invalu able suggestions 1 have been very much indebted throughout the whole work.

On questions of architecture. Pet its Architectural Studies, the won derfully complete works of Yiollet le Due, and the Renaissance of Ar in Y mv by Mrs, Mark 1 atti son, have been consulted. A list in the Appendix has collected a few other authorities upon various subjects. Much help lias doubtless been obtained elsewhere, but it is not wittingly left unacknowl edged. All of the guide-hooks which are published for each chateau have been freely used, and in rt c ognistng my obligations to their various authors I would especially single out the accurate and con scientious productions of Mgr.

Chevalier, whose publications from the archives of Chenonceaux are particularly valuable, and lastly, the researches of M. de la Saussaye in the history of the Chateau of Rlois and its neighbourhood...

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